TELEPERCEPTION - 3d knowledge
yuri(RR): harald mayer, gerd trautner, alexander barth

interlaced mode rendering in 3D-Studio max for i-glasses

In order to create a video for the i-glasses (interlaced mode) with 3D-Studio Max , you must use two, in the viewing distance positioned " target cameras " to create a Image fr each eye. With the video post filters and one black-and-white alpha mask mix you can mix this two cameras. A problem results then in the case of the type of compression of the video, because the compression may not remove the interleaced effect.

Therefore we decided for the already quite old Autodesk FLC format, because it does not compress the picture content, and only the change from picture to picture is stored. Because of this relatively large quantity of data follows(approx. 3,2 MB/sec. for 640x480 animation), the quality is however quite good.