bar bot

The Bar Bot

Helena: No, you don't understand me. What we really want is to - to liberate the Robots.
Helman: How do you propose to do that ?
Helena: They are to be dealt with like human beings.
Helman: Aha. I suppose they're to vote ? To drink beer ? To order us about ?

R. U. R. - Rossum's Universal Robots" by Karel Capek

Robotic research spawns the most remarkable machines attempting to emulate the ideal of the human being. But all of them leave the most distinguishing feature out: our self interest. Well, this robot has it: the Bar Bot asks people for coins and spends the gathered money as soon as there is enough for a beer at the bar.

It is not useful for humanity like most of today's robots or the Platonic ideal of a robot lingering in our heads. Rather, it is useful for itself, like humanity. The dependency on others to pursue its own, highly selfish objectives makes the Bar Bot perhaps the most humanoid robot ever built.

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Sep 26th-28th

Split Film Festival (Split/Croatia)

Oct 10th-12th
Media Space Festival (Stuttgart/Germany)
Nov 7th-16th
Roboexotica (Vienna/Austria)
Dec 5th -
Jan 25th
Lille 2004 Capitale Européenne de la Culture (Lille/France)

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The Humanoid Robotics Laboratory, 2003.

Coproducer: Time's Up.
Supported by:
Fraunhofer Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen, Land Oberösterreich.